1917 White Sox

1917 was an interesting year. The Great War had been raging on for 3 years when the baseball season began. The 1917 Chicago White Sox would go on to lead the American League with a record of 100–54. The 100 wins of that year is a club record that stands even today.

Eddie Cicotte (with an AL-best 28 wins and 1.53 ERA), 24 year old Lefty Williams (17 wins, eight losses) and Red Faber (16-13 with a 1.92 earned run average), dominated their way through the 1917 championship season. Eddie Collins (.289 avg) and Happy Felsch (.308, 102 RBI) were anchored by “shoeless” Joe Jackson. It is said that, Jackson was so gifted that as peers and contemporaries Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson all pointed to him as the best pure hitter they’d ever seen.

It was a talented club that led the league in runs scored and pitching with a 2.16 ERA over the entire season. They would win the championship in the end.

Nevertheless, as the season was just getting under way, the United States declared war on Germany on April 06.

We are at the 100 year mark since the 1917 season. We have seen 2 World Wars. Kindgoms and Kingships have been set up while others have fallen. Great minds have come along and given us new understanding in science and physics, but they too are gone now with the passage of time. The global change this world has seen the past 100 years has been like no other. But, here we are, and baseball remains.

All the great players and great moments, even moments not so great have all passed through and are now written solidly in the books.

On this date, July 29, 2017, A celebration of the 1917 White Sox uniform bring together a unique design for the Sox in this era. One that tells a story from a different time. The stars in the ‘S’ and the US flag patches on the sleeves served at the time a patriotic nod to the American involvement in their part in WWI. It was an inspiration in design that we appreciate for it’s simplicity and class of an era gone by.